John excels at bringing the best out of development and delivery teams. From facilitating your requirements gathering or release planning workshops, through to one-on-one coaching of your developers or automated testers, John can help take your teams to the next level of collaboration and productivity.

John is a world-class mentor, coach, facilitator. Some of his specialties includes:

The BDD/Agile Delivery Roadmap

Adopting modern agile delivery practices is a daunting endeavour for any organisation. A typical BDD/Agile Delivery adoption process goes through several stages. At each stage, the outcomes are measurable, for example in terms of defect rates and cycle time. We like to represent this as 5 stages:

John has a vast experience helping organisations improve their delivery practices, and can help define a tailored roadmap for your teams.

Level Description Defects Throughput
6 Expansion -90% or better +50% or better
5 Adoption -75% +25%
4 Comprehension -50% +10%
3 Appreciation -30% 0
2 Disruption -20% +15%
1 Baseline - -

Some of John's other facilitation and coaching packages include:

The Requirements Connection

Help teams use collabration, empathy and understanding, combined with highly adaptable planning strategies, to discover and define those features that will truely delight your customers.

A Culture of Excellence

John excels at bringing the best out of development and delivery teams, both in terms of collaboration and communication, and of the solid technical practices that underpin good software delivery. John's coaching and mentoring helps teams develop a pride in their work and a continual search for self-improvement, empathy both within the team and towards business and end users, and an understanding of the bigger picture that helps them focus on delivering high quality features that matter sooner.

Serenity BDD Mentoring

Get the most out of your Serenity BDD test automation suite, whether you are already a test automation veteran or you are entirely new to test automation in Java.

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