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John is the founder and technical lead of the Serenity BDD Open Source library. Serenity BDD helps you write better, more effective automated acceptance tests, and use these acceptance tests to produce world-class test reports and functional documentation.

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Serenity BDD

Serenity is an open source library that helps you write higher quality automated acceptance tests faster.

Serenity helps you:

  • Write tests that are more flexible and easier to maintain
  • Produce illustrated, narrative reports about your tests
  • Map your automated tests back to your requirements
  • See how much of your application is actually being tested
  • And keep tabs on project progress

Training And Support

Ask about our training packages and enterprise support for your Serenity tests and testing infrastructure, including help with installation, configuration and usage guidelines, as well as feature requests and bug fixes. We also offer yearly support contracts backed with a service level agreement, and yearly mentoring programs to help bring the best out of your developers and testers.

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Serenity BDD Online Training

Learn BDD and Professional Test Automation practices at the Serenity Dojo. The Serenity Dojo online training programme is not your typical online course. It combines training videos, tutorials, exercises, and a great online community where you can interact with other students and Serenity experts.

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Serenity BDD Mentoring

Get the most out of your Serenity BDD test automation suite, whether you are already a test automation veteran or you are entirely new to test automation in Java.

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