Wakaleo Consulting and the XSCALE Alliance Advancing Agile in UK!

Wakaleo Consulting is proud to be associated with the XSCALE Alliance, a global community aimed at developing Agile Organisations and identifying and sharing Agile principles and best practices.

XSCALE Alliance is an open ecosystem for the development of Agile Organization. But what is an Agile Organization? Think of a pod of dolphins. If an Agile team is like a dolphin, how do you characterise the principles of an organisation that works like the pod?

XSCALE is an acronym for the principles of an Agile Organization.

eXponential Return – increasing the rate of return on investment
Simple Design – the elegance of the minimum
Continuous Throughput – eliminating waste, stress and irregularity
Autonomous Teams – maximising productivity
Learning: triple loop – remaining competitive
Ecosystems Thinking – choosing the right decisions

XSCALE was developed as a set of best practice patterns for Agile organizations focused on exponential growth. As a method for 3rd Generation Agile, XSCALE extends the Agile Manifesto principles to Product Leadership, Portfolio Leadership, Company Culture Leadership and decision making within the organization.

XSCALE practices are fully compatible with SAFe, LeSS, Nexus  and DAD, and have been applied successfully at scale as a standalone method of generating completely Agile Organisations.

An open model for Business Agile training and coaching

XSCALE Alliance is an open model for Business Agile training and coaching. Training in XSCALE agility patterns will provide you with a language that coordinates the acceleration of self-organizing teams in self-managing streams, and aligns these to focus on opening the bottleneck, which is the key constraint that stands in the way of exponential business throughput.

Avoiding the “Cathedral” model common to most Agile frameworks, XSCALE Alliance follows Eric Raymond’s famous credo, “Treating your users as co-developers is your least-hassle route to rapid improvement and effective debugging.”

Coaches are trainers. Certificates don’t expire.

The hierarchies that have grown up around Agile training don’t improve client outcomes. So XSCALE coach and trainer roles are the same thing. And while certification is a valuable recognition of learning, students are in no danger of forgetting what they’ve learned. So XSCALE coach and practitioner certificates never expire.

Agility emphasises team responsibilities over individual ones. A practitioner certificate assures you have sufficient practice-pattern literacy to take part in a team conducting a certain function, not a role with a certain responsibility. XSCALE offers training in four practice pattern languages:

  • XPM, which aligns tech, design and business leaders, breadth-first, into a team of peers who iteratively convert their business drivers and constraints into maximum impact product backlogs.
  • XBA, which generates self-managing value streams by integrating Product, Feature and Systems teams hand-in-glove, continuously prioritising bottlenecks to dramatically accelerate top-line business throughput.
  • XAP, which is both a fast start for new Feature delivery teams and a productivity supercharger for vanilla Scrums, providing hands-on guidance in best practices of XP, Kanban, Scrum, BDD and CICD.
  • XDevOps, which extends XAP to rapid round-trip DevOps including the combination of legacy layers with serverless microservices via Test Injection, BDD Generators, Service Virtualisation, RPA and DVCS workflows.

These team-oriented courses support the horizontal component of an Exponential Agile Transformation. XSCALE Alliance carefully assures the quality of its coaches, but a hiring manager must always investigate the track record and capabilities of a practitioner, not some bunch of acronyms after their name.

XSCALE, XPM, XBA, XAP and XDevOps and the related materials on this website are used under license from the XSCALE Alliancehttp://xscalealliance.org.

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