Learn about Cucumber 4, Java, and Serenity BDD in a new chapter of the Serenity BDD book

John Ferguson Smart | Mentor | Author | Speaker - Author of 'BDD in Action'.
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Cucumber 4 has a lot of new features which can help make our Cucumber test automation code cleaner and more expressive. But there are also some big changes under the hood!

Fortunately, Serenity BDD is here to help. The Serenity BDD Book has a brand new and very detailed guide on working with Cucumber 4, including integrating with Serenity BDD. We look at Cucumber expressions, how to integrate with classic Serenity as well as with Screenplay; And we also cover how to integrate Cucumber 2 with Serenity BDD for good measure.

So come take a look here and let us know what you think!

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