A way for testers to learn top-notch test automation skills in Java, at their own pace

John Ferguson Smart | Mentor | Author | Speaker - Author of 'BDD in Action'.
Helping teams deliver more valuable software sooner4th July 2017

The Professional Java Development Skills for Testers course is a new online programme for both manual testers with basic Java knowledge, and more experienced Engineers in Test, who want to take their test automation skills to the next level.

Test automation is tricky. Writing high quality automated tests that are easy to read, easy to extend and easy to maintain is a demanding task that requires excellent software development skills. Practices such as Clean Coding, the SOLID principles of software design, design patterns, refactoring are just as important in test automation as they are when writing production code. The  Professional Java Development Skills for Testers course gives testers the skills they need to write high quality and easily-maintainable automation code in Java, and gives them the ground-work they will need for subsequent courses on automated web testing with Selenium WebDriver.

The  Professional Java Development Skills for Testers programme is:

  • Over 3 hours of online training material
  • Graduated guided exercises
  • An online community where you can exchange ideas with other students and learn from experts, via the Serenity Dojo Slack channel

Take a look at the new curriculum and let us know what you think!

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