BDD in Action: Advanced BDD Test Automation

BDD Test Automation that works!

Deliver world-class test automation to your team. Write more robust, higher quality automated acceptance tests using state of the art test automation practices. Learn to:

  • Write more automated tests faster
  • Write higher quality automated tests, making them faster, more reliable and easier to maintain
  • Increase confidence in your automated tests, and
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining your automated test suites

Students will learn how to:

  • Use advanced development skills to write more robust and more maintainable tests
  • Test both web and non-web application layers
  • Write faster and more stable web tests with advanced WebDriver and Serenity BDD
  • Work together as a high performing test automation team on real-world projects

Topics covered

  • Next generation test automation
  • Writing more meaningful tests
  • SOLID principles for test automation
  • Introducing the Journey/Screenplay Pattern
  • Advanced automated web testing with WebDriver/Serenity
  • Working with non-UI layers
  • Reporting and feedback - keeping everyone in the loop
  • Test suite performance
  • Real-world test project


"Adopting BDD and the Serenity BDD framework has increased productivity and improved testing cycle time by approximately 20%."

- Oshri Zvi, Software Development Manager, BPay

This 2-day workshop will be a hands-on dive into advanced automation practices, with a mixture of roughly 30% presentation and 70% exercises.
On the second day, students will work as teams to write tests for a real website, working with a git repository and running the tests on a cloud-based architecture using Continuous Integration and distributed machines. Students will learn not only how to write high quality, low maintenance tests, but also how to work together more efficiently to delivery more high quality automated tests sooner.

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