BDD in Action: Mastering Agile Requirements

Understand the Essence of Behaviour Driven Development

Focus on the features your customers value the most by building a shared understanding of the real business needs, and empower your teams to deliver more optimal and more reliable solutions sooner!

Product owners, BAs, Testers, and Developers alike will benefit from this hands-on workshop, which offers a unique approach to requirements discovery, combining the principles of BDD with practical and highly applicable techniques and exercises.

Topics discussed

  • Delighting the customer: building a shared understanding
  • The product vision: hunting business value
  • Planning and prioritising your stories (Story Mapping, Impact Mapping,…)
  • Deliberate collaboration - the impact of BDD on roles and team structures
  • Defining good user stories (The Three Amigos,…)
  • Example Mapping
  • BDD acceptance criteria and executable specifications
  • Automated Acceptance Criteria and Living Documentation


"Adopting BDD and the Serenity framework has increased productivity and improved testing cycle time by approximately 20%."

- Oshri Zvi, Software Development Manager, BPay

Learn how to discover, prioritise and plan the features that really matter: those that will deliver real business value and that will make a difference to your organisation. You will practice writing effective user stories that are pitched at the appropriate level, and writing actionable acceptance criteria that will guide developers and provide valuable feedback and documentation on application features and project progress.

And you will experience how building a better synergy between BAs, developers and testers is essential in reducing waste, improving productivity, and delivering valuable features sooner.

Drawing from years of practical experience and a wealth of techniques including Behaviour Driven Development, Specification by Example, Story Mapping, Impact Mapping, and many more, John Ferguson Smart, author of "BDD in Action", will help you take your agile requirements practices to the next level.

This two-day workshop is a highly interactive mixture of discussions and group exercises where attendees can experience and experiment with real-world BDD collaboration techniques. The second day will involve teams incrementally specifying and building a simulated real-world application using these practices.

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