The Power of Collaborative Requirements Discovery

Bridge the gap between business and the delivery teams

This workshop helps business people learn how to collaborate more effectively with development teams to plan, build and deliver high quality software faster and more reliably. Attendees learn how to prioritise features based on business goals, and identify the fastest way to deliver value, and how to break down requirements into thin, incremental slices of useful functionality, allowing projects to be delivered faster with less risk and higher return on investment.

Key Benefits

  • Connect with development teams to deliver high value features that delight the users, faster and with less risk.
  • Learn to break down requirements into thin, incremental slices of useful functionality
  • Learn from and build on each iteration to deliver a better overall solution faster
  • Obtain faster and more accurate feedback
  • Prioritise features based on business goals, and identify the fastest way to deliver value
  • Reduce wasted efforts and misunderstandings
  • Understand the organisational changes required to be able to deliver high value features sooner.

Topics Covered

  • Product Planning
    • Flexible scope, goal-driven features
    • IT as an investment portfolio
    • Prioritisation and release planning
    • Impact mapping and story mapping
  • Defining measurable outcomes
    • Finding useful metrics
    • Measuring and reporting progress
    • Balancing autonomy and control
  • Embracing uncertainty
  • Building a shared understanding
    • Using examples to understand hidden requirements
    • The power of three: discovering and defining requirements collaboratively
    • Example Mapping
    • The power of executable specifications
  • The role of test automation and executable specifications
  • Bridging the gap between development and delivery


This two-day workshop is a highly interactive mixture of discussions and group exercises where attendees can experience and experiment with real-world BDD collaboration techniques. The second day will involve teams incrementally specifying and building a simulated real-world application using these practices.

Attendees learn how to discover, prioritise and plan the features that really matter: those that will deliver real business value and that will make a difference to your organisation. Attendees also experience how building a better synergy between BAs, developers and testers is essential in reducing waste, improving productivity, and delivering valuable features more quickly and more effectively.

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