Agile Product Planning Workshop – CukeUp 2016

Learn how to plan, prioritise and deliver higher value features by thinking of deliverable features not in terms of what they cost, but of what they can deliver.

XScale is a set of practices based on BDD that enables a product team to efficiently define, budget and prioritise a roadmap or backlog.

It’s also a way to answer some questions Agile has traditionally avoided:

- How much will a set of features cost?
- How do we trade off different feature sets?
- How do we know a feature is ready to ship?

In this workshop, we outline several key practices and practice using a few of them. The main practices we cover include:

- Feature Points, a way to reconcile budgets with story points
- Backlog Bingo determines the dollar investment and relative return for a set of products and services
- Royal Cod applies Backlog Bingo to prioritize a Breadth-First Roadmap
- Release Refactoring enables product owners to make rational trade-offs between feature-sets.

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